Your Finest Moments in 3D


Mementify provides you with all the tools you need to get a beautiful 3D model. All you need to do is capture your photos and upload them to our servers. Our servers will take it from there and notify you as soon as the your model is ready for download.


Now that your 3D model is downloaded to your iPhone, you can freely move around your special one or thing. Experience the unique new way you will browse your greatest moments. Imagine you have your entire family on your iPhone. Or a place where you met that special one. Or your child's feet you took last year on the beach. Just let your imagination work for you.


What good would it be if you could not share your creations with the ones you care most? Built-in support for e-mail and Twitter is already included. Others are comming with the following updates.


Sharing is great but virtual 3D models are not all you will get with Mementify. You will get access to 3D prints in full color, glass, steel, bronze, gold and many other materials directly from within the app.